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9 Board Books for Easter

A post that I was hoping to have up sooner but here it is. Also, not all of these board books are specifically about Easter but if you're looking for Easter basket stuffers, I hope some of these are helpful. You can also find my previous Easter posts here and here. I also have a previous post with Christian-themed board books, which you can find here.

1. Jesus Rose For Me by Jared Kennedy and Illustrated by Trish Mahoney

I always try to say something positive about every board book I review---after all it's an incredible amount of work on the author, illustrator, and publisher's part to make these board books available. However, my two biggest dislikes about Jesus Rose for Me is that there's too much text for a board book and the illustrations on some pages (not all the pages) remind me of a PowerPoint presentation, not a book. If families read a few pages a day, I think a child in the 2-3 age range would engage with the book, but as a whole it's just too long for a board book. I'm including it because unfortunately there aren't enough board books on the market that give children an understand of the Easter story (Jesus Rose for Me provides that story) but I wish it didn't have so much text.

2. E is for Easter by Greg Paprocki

An Easter alphabet book that's full of illustrative detail, children will enjoy recognizing various Easter or household items. The one thing that seemed out of place to me was the P for "Palm Sunday." Since Palm Sunday comes before Easter I would have chosen something else for the P page.

3. Who's Hiding? Illustrated by Shannon Hays

I was so excited for this book. Look at those beautiful flowers! A ten page board book, each page asks a question about who's hiding followed by a clue. Here's an excerpt: "Who's hiding where the flowers grow? Her soft fur is as white as snow." Children can then pull down a tab which makes a number of flaps pop up. I love the surprise of the flaps and I think children will really enjoy it, especially children in the six months-12 months age range who just love flaps and pop ups! With most lift-the-flap books or pop-up books though there's a good chance that the flaps will get torn off if a child starts pulling on be careful!

4. Good News! It's Easter by Glenys Nellist with Illustrations by Lizzie Walkley

You can't go wrong with a Glenys Nellist board book for Easter! Such a refreshing Easter board book as every page celebrates new life. "Good news! cheers the tulip, springing from the ground. I once was lost in darkness. But now the sun I've found." With the tulip blossoming, a rabbit bouncing excitedly, a leaf growing, a butterfly opening its wings, frogs jumping, a chick hatching, the book concludes with Jesus stepping from the cave saying, "I was dead but now I'm back, to live and love and save." On the final page Glenys Nellist includes a quote, "I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun!" -Isaiah 43:19.

5. The Bunnies are Not in their Beds by Marisabina Russo

This book. I laughed reading it. A must-have for parents who need comic relief, The Bunnies are Not in their Beds is all too familiar for many families. Mama and Daddy bunny have said goodnight to their little bunnies. They are all tucked in and ready for bed. Mama and Daddy bunny go downstairs. All is quiet until..."Click clack, click clack." The bunnies are not in their beds. The book repeats in this way on every page -- growing in noise and calamity -- until finally Mama and Daddy bunny end up fast asleep in their own beds. And while the little bunnies think they can continue to play all night, children will see that even little bunnies must rest. What is that sound? All is quiet. The little bunnies have gone to sleep.

A book that takes some of the parental stress out of bedtime and puts some humor back into it. We could all use a little more humor in our lives.

6. We're Going on an Egg Hunt Illustrated by Laura Hughes

I thought I already had this one up on the blog but apparently not. So here it is! For fans of We're Going on a Bear Hunt you know that We're Going on an Egg Hunt is going to be a fun one as it begins with, " We're going on an egg hunt. We're going to find them all. We're really excited...hooray for Easter Day!" With obstacles along the way the bunnies will find that they can't go over something, they can't go under something, they can't go around know what's coming...they have to go through something!

Throughly love it!

7. Spring Babies by Kathryn O. Galbraith with Illustrations by Adela Pons

Not an Easter book but every Easter basket needs a touch of spring. From rain drops to dandelions, puddles to clouds, birds and ducklings, little ones (0-12 months) will enjoy beginning to recognize the signs of spring.

8. Grandma Loves You! by Helen Foster James with Illustrations by Petra Brown

For grandmothers out there looking for an Easter board book to give to their grandchildren, Granda Loves You! is such a sweet book. Written in rhyme, children will see just how much they're loved by their grandparents. " The moment I saw you, I fell in love, honey, my bunny, my sweet turtledove." Not specifically about Easter but it would make a lovely Easter gift.

9. A Little Bunny by Rosalee Wren with Illustrations by Wednesday Kirwan

Last but not least, A Little Bunny! I love the size of this one (the ears are slightly taller than an iPhone) and love how it gives some informative facts about bunnies. A lovely Easter basket addition (or an addition to a spring shelf) I was drawn to the compactness of the book as well as to the vibrant and playful illustrations.

As always, enjoy!


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