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5 Board Books for Easter

A few Easter basket suggestions for anyone looking for ideas. You can also find my previous Easter posts here and here.

1. Don't Forget to Remember by Ellie Holcomb with Illustrations by Kayla Harren

A book that celebrates God's love for us, Don't Forget to Remember is full of beautiful illustrations and melodic text. And while it's not specifically about Easter, it's always a good time of year to be reminded of His presence. Below are a couple of my favorite pages.

2. Eggs are Everywhere illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan

A turn-the-wheel and lift-the-flap book, Eggs Are Everywhere will keep toddlers on their toes as they have to turn a wheel in order to find the eggs on each page.

Is there an egg behind the bunny's ear? Is there an egg behind the door? A fun book for everyone and I really like how Kirwan chose to illustrate eggs with so much detail and color.

3. Hop Little Bunnies by Martha Mumford with Illustrations by Laura Hughes

Now in board book format, Mumford takes the Sleeping Bunnies nursery rhyme and turns it into an adventurous journey as four bunnies set off to wake their friends. With hops and cheeps, meows and quacks, Hop Little Bunnies is a lovely addition to any spring bookshelf. And as always, illustrator Laura Hughes does a beautiful job of creating a vibrant and idilic countryside for all of these furry, feathery, and wooly friends.

It wouldn't be Easter without a Peter Rabbit book! As everyone prepares to bring something to an Easter picnic, Peter is at a loss for what to bring. Flopsy is bringing juice, Mopsy is bringing a garland, Cotton-Tail is bringing something from her toy box...but Peter still doesn't know what to bring. Wondering on a path Peter suddenly sees duckling belonging to Jamima Puddle-duck. Scooping them all up, Peter runs off to find Jamima. Finding her at the picnic the ducklings are reunited with Jamima as everyone cheers. Peter didn't arrive to the picnic empty handed after all!

5. I Love You, Little One by Nancy Tafuri

Last but not least, Tafuri's books never disappoint. With beautifully detailed illustrations, I Love You, Little One is a perfect reminder of just how much mamas love their little ones as each animal throughout the book asks, "Do you love me, Mama?"

A favorite in our house, one of my favorite pages is of the mama deer and her fawn. "I love you as the river loves you, giving you cool water to drink. I love you as the river loves you, forever and ever and always."



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