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February Board Books

With Valentine's Day behind us, here are some additional board books for February.

Where Do I Sleep? A Nature Lullaby by Jennifer Blomgren & illustrated by Andrea Gabriel. This lovely board book published by Little Bigfoot will be hitting shelves in March. With ten full-page spreads of mostly wild animals, Where Do I Sleep? is a bedtime (or naptime) story that will dazzle little ones with its melodic text and dreamy illustrations.

Alaska's Dog Heroes by Shelley Gill & illustrated by Robin James. While many of us are familiar with the story of Balto, I wasn't familiar with other Alaskan dog heroes like Patsy Ann, Tekla, Stickeen, or Hotfoot. A board book that gives children engaging facts about each dog, Alaska's Dog Heroes is an adorable ode to the hard work and loyalty of some of Alaska's most venerated furry friends.

Purple Carrot: A Garden Color Book. A board book that not only highlights the beauty of gardening, but the wide variety of colors within it, Purple Carrot is full of delicious-looking produce and radiant flowers. For little ones who are just learning their colors, Purple Carrot is especially fun!

Rainbow, Rainbow in the Sky by Subani Maheshwari & illustrated by Audeva Joseph. With the rainy season of spring not too far off, Rainbow, Rainbow in the Sky is a board book to have on hand in the coming months as it introduces children to the colors of the rainbow and how rainbows form. While I received a board book copy it seems that board book copies are hard to come by, although hardcover and paperback versions are easy to find.

Baby Animals First Sounds Book by Alexandra Claire. A board book that's full of vibrant photographs, little ones will love chiming in with baas, squeaks, hisses, roars (and more!) as they discover which animals make these unique sounds!

Baby Animals First 123 Book by Alexandra Claire. Another book in the Baby Animals series, this adorable board book will keep little ones busy counting and pointing to photographs of turtles, chicks, lambs, ducklings, meerkats, and other cuddly-looking furry and feathery friends.

Baby Animals First Shapes Book by Alexandra Claire. Written in rhyme, Baby Animals First Shapes Book isn't your typical shapes book! With photographs of animals in nature, children will be able to identify how the head of a praying mantis is in the shape of a triangle, or how a hedgehog becomes a circle when it's curled up in a ball. Such a fun board book!

Animal Adventures Day on the Farm by Alexandra Claire. Animal Adventures Day on the Farm is yet another beautifully photographed board book and you can never have too many farm-themed books on a bookshelf! The perfect board book to accompany you on a trip to the farm, little ones will love the up-close images and seeing what all the animals are up to!

Our Friend Moon by Lea Redmond. I love being surprised by board books and this one definitely surprised me! Nestled into a cloud-shaped case, Our Friend Moon is a half-circle board book that guessed it: the moon! Written in rhyme, children will see the moon go through its phases as they're lulled by Lea Redmond's calming words.



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