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Two Board Books from Amicus Publishers

I received two lovely board books from Amicus Publishers and I'm finally getting around to sharing them! The Amicus Book of ABC had actually been on my list of board books to feature for a while so I'm excited to finally have it up on the blog. With text and illustrations by Isobel Lundie, The Amicus Book of ABC has paper-collage illustrations that create such a dynamic and inviting series of imagery for children. The kind of book that makes you want to frame every page or decorate your child's room with posters of the illustrations, Lundie makes this ABC book stand out from others. Simply written: A is for artist, B is for bicycle, C is for cat, and so on, what adds to the individuality of Lundie's text is that she adds additional anecdotes throughout the book. So while G is for goat, or H is for hen, children will love that the goat goes "Chomp, chomp" and eats everything.

A wonderful addition to a child's library and the perfect introduction to the alphabet. Other board books by Isobel Lundie include: The Amicus Book of 123, The Amicus Book of Colors, and The Amicus Book of Animals (only available in paperback at this time).

The second board book that I received is Little Hippo by Julie Abery with illustrations by Susie Mason. A book filled with rhyme, readers follow an energetic baby hippo as Little Hippo goes exploring. From grazing on a summer's day to jumping, finding new friends, stomping in the mud, hiding underwater or wiggling and giggling with Mama Hippo, Little Hippo is an eager learner. Other books in the series include: Little Monkey, Little Panda, and Little Tiger.



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