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Tweet, Crack, Poop: Three Board Books from Barefoot Books

This trio! I'm so excited to feature them and a big thank you to Barefoot Books for generously sending them my way.

Should we start with Poop? I really think we should. One of the sturdiest, bendable-page board books I've seen, Poop, and the accompanying two books in the series are slide-and-see books, which is genius in my opinion because it eliminates the possibility of little ones ripping off flaps (as is usually the case with lift-the-flap board books). A book that reminds me of DinoBlock in the sense that it gives hints (in this case about each type of animal poop) on one page before revealing the illustration of the animal that goes with each type pf poop on the next, children will love watching the illustration of poop slide away as an illustration of a hippo, for example, is revealed. A great way to start striking up conversations with children about how to identify different types of poop in nature, Poop also provides additional facts at the back of the book about what animals eat, what color their poop is and what it looks like. Inside illustrations of Poop below.

Crack is another fun one. With penguin eggs, frog eggs, emu eggs, seahorse eggs, echidna eggs and octopus eggs, children will love guessing who lives inside each egg (or set of eggs). Inside illustrations below.

And lastly, Tweet, which might be my favorite, gives children clues like, "White snow all around me, falling like confetti from the sky. It's a party! I can't fly, but the ice is my dance floor. I wear a tuxedo because I'm king of the cold. Who am I?" Penguin!

I didn't take a photo of that page but you can see the flamingo page below. Such deep, earthy-toned illustrations. Beautiful!

A wonderful series and one that I hope others will enjoy! If you purchase copies, I'd love to hear how your little ones react. Be sure to tag Where the Board Books Are and Barefoot Books and use #wheretheboardbooksare on Instagram.

Happy reading!


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