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The Little Fisherman by Margaret Wise Brown with illustrations by Dahlov Ipcar

One of Margaret Wise Brown's lesser-known stories, The Little Fisherman gives readers the story of two fisherman -- one big and one small -- as they sail out on the ocean together. Everything the big fisherman does the little fisherman does. At the end of their journey the two fisherman go back to their homes and while the big fisherman tells a small fish story, the little fisherman goes home and tells a great big fish story. Filled with repetition as the little fisherman does everything that the big fisherman does, children will love anticipating the ending of sentences on each page.

Beautifully illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar, the vibrant cobalt blues, rust oranges and reds, mustard yellows and black and brown against a white background is particularly eye catching. I also really enjoy Ipcar's rendering of waves---you can almost feel the brisk wind through the pages.


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