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The Good Morning Book by Robyn Polansky Morrison & Illustrated by Denis Alonso

It's a new year and the blog posts are back! Thank you to author, Robyn Polansky Morrison for sending me a copy of The Good Morning Book. Published by Blue Balloon Books, The Good Morning Book encourages little ones to start their day with a sense of wonder, movement, and fun. Written in rhyme, Morrison's board book gives little ones an image of childhood filled with excitement, a love of learning, and opportunities. In a preschool setting (or at home) I could see this book being used to help children settle into the classroom (or home) and orient their day.

Unfortunately, I was not a big fan of the illustrations. There are many board books on the market that portray a disproportioned image of kids (kids with small bodies and oversized heads) and while that style of illustration definitely makes it easier for little ones to zero in on facial expressions, I find these types of illustrations distracting to the story and would have loved to have seen more detailed, realistic illustrations. The color palette was also a little over the top for me. While an array of vibrance is certainly cheerful, I find that with board-book-age children, they really don't need an over abundance of color stimulation. That however, is my opinion.

Thank you again to Robyn Polansky Morrison for sharing this with me!

Happy reading!


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