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Slow Down...In The Park Illustrated by Freya Hartas

For every spring-themed bookshelf this charming board book is a must-have! Published by Magic Cat Publishing, Slow Down...In The Park takes readers on a journey through nature. Newly hatched ducklings rest before heading to the pond, a squirrel meticulously hoards nuts in the fall, mushrooms slowly emerge from the forest floor, a woodpecker methodically peck, peck, pecks to find food, lilies on the pond slowly open in the morning and close at dusk, and a thunderstorm takes over with loud booms and flashes of light. A board book written in rhyming verse, Slow Down...In The Park is stunningly illustrated for little ones and is bound to entertain with its collage-style illustrations on every page. For anyone looking for a last-minute Easter basket stuffer, this board book not only encourages adults and little ones to notice the moments in nature that are seemingly slower, but a board book that indirectly encourages its readers to find slower moments in their own lives.

Any excuse to slow down and read a book is fine with me!



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