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Our World Series Published by Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books sent me this lovely series that came out in April and it's unlike any of the other global-themed board book series I've seen so far. Instead of highlighting commonly known tourist destinations, Our World focuses on the unique day-to-day life of families within Japan, India, Brazil, Mexico, France, Egypt, and Italy. Written and illustrated by authors and artists who grew up in each of the countries represented, Our World emphasizes universal routines like getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, playing outside, eating dinner, and going to bed. Enriched with frequently used phrases, popular foods, and a sense of the landscape and surrounding architectural styles, the Our World series is not only engaging, creative, and full of detailed, eye-catching illustrations, it's also relatable. Relatable to a child in the sense that when a child looks at these board books they'll quickly see the similarities and differences across cultures---and how their own family environment has its own unique traits and traditions to be passed down and shared with others.

A series I'd highly recommend! Especially for toddlers and their families, and for classrooms with children 2-5.

To give you a better sense of the illustrations here are some additional photos. (For purchasing links please tap each photo.)

Enjoy! Also, if you aren't following my Instagram page already you can find it here.


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