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New to Board Book Format: You Are Home With Me by Sarah Asper-Smith & Mitchell Watley

A much belated thank you to Sasquatch Books for sending me this lovely copy of You Are Home With Me. I received a number a board books these past few months and I'm still playing catch up. A book with detailed, close-up illustrations of nine different families of animals, You Are Home With Me illustrates the many ways in which animals create habitats to protect their little ones. In another sense the book highlights that home is where one's family is.

With text that reminds me of The Runway Bunny, each page begins with: "If you were a..." followed by different animals: polar bear, mountain goat, flying squirrel, Arctic fox, etc... "I would dig a burrow to shelter you...I would protect you in a nest made of moss and grass..." and so forth until every page describes how the adult would stay and protect its little one(s). The last page ends with "Wherever you may be, you always have a home with me" with an accompanying illustration of a parent and child.

A new shelf favorite and I absolutely love the illustration of the polar bears on the first page. That lighting and those blues!



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