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New to Board Book Format: While You Sleep & Dinos Driving by Pajama Press

Thank you to Pajama Press for sharing these two charming board books with me! I read through Dinos Driving first and I couldn't stop smiling as I turned the pages. What a fun board book! Packed with household name dinosaurs like triceratops, diplodocus, tyrannosaurus, brachiosaurus, and perhaps some lesser known dinosaurs like carnotaurus and compsognathus, Dinos Driving will keep little ones giggling as dinosaurs attempt to drive a plethora of vehicles. I especially appreciate how large the illustrations are and how illustrator Scot Ritchie keeps the humor coming with elaborate facial expressions and impressive outfits. Dinos who drive in limousines wear tuxedos, of course!

A refreshing addition to the crowded dinosaur book market and a board book that will keep the 0-3 board book critics endlessly entertained!

As for While You Sleep, I'm always pleased to see illustrator Miki Sato's beautiful work. With an array of ingenious artistic methods to create an enchanting environment, Sato's illustrations seamlessly compliment author Jennifer Maruno's melodic rhyming text, which reminds me of Emily Winfield Martin's timeless stories. A board book that imagines the transformations that occur while one sleeps -- "someone has to polish the sun. Comb the grass, straighten the trees. Place a dot on the black-eyed peas" -- this board book will undoubtably set the tone for a peaceful and imaginative bedtime.


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