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New to Board Book Format: Trucker and Train by Hannah Stark with Illustrations by Bob Kolar

A very belated thank you to Hannah Stark for sending me a copy of Trucker and Train! I remember purchasing the original, unabridged picture book version for my four year old (at the time) and he loved it. Sometimes when board books are abridged I think too much of the original story is lost, but in this case, the heart of Trucker and Train is still there.

Trucker is a vehicle who loves to get what he wants and rule the road. Instead of showing kindness to fellow vehicles, Trucker likes to honk as he goes by to showoff his strength. Trucker is used to vehicles moving over for him. Trucker is used to getting his way.

One day, Trucker hauls far away from the city. As he's admiring the wide-open space he sees a train. The train is louder and faster than Trucker. The vehicles around Trucker stop to admire Train and Train's beaming smile. Seeing everyone gaze at Train makes Trucker sad -- for the vehicles on the road never beam at Trucker. In an attempt to redeem himself, Trucker tries to honk his horn and rev his engine in a friendly way, but no one seems to notice. However, Trucker's big moment was coming. Down in the valley, Train was reappearing from a tunnel, but from the top of the hill Trucker could see that the gate to stop traffic was broken. "What if no one notices?" thought Trucker. Speeding down the mountain, Trucker accelerates past the other vehicles just in time to block them from going across Train's tracks where Train was coming, fast!

While Trucker initially gets honked at from the vehicles, who couldn't see why Trucker was blocking their way, they quickly realize how brave Trucker is. Happy to share the road, Trucker continues on with his vehicle friends. Beaming. Just like Train.

A really fun read for little ones who love cars, trucks and trains and illustrator Bob Kolar does a lovely job of bringing each character to life.



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