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New to Board Book Format: Playdate by Maryann Mcdonald with Illustrations by Rachele Jomepour Bell

This one has been on my list of board books to feature since the beginning of April (it's still April right!) and I just love it! Perfect for babies and young toddlers, Playdate is so simple with only one or two words on each page, but the illustrations and sentiments behind each word are what make it a favorite. Playdates, despite the inevitable argument between children at some point, are usually so much fun for kids, at least that's the goal. Illustrator Rachele Jomepour Bell depicts that sense of fun with beaming facial expressions, vibrant colors, an array of toys and activities and an overall depiction of excitement and curiosity from each child. In addition to Playdate exuding that sense of fun, it also highlights a rhythm to playtime (there's a beginning, middle, and end, and at the end it's time to go home). Children often struggle with the going home part but if children can see that there's a rhythm to playtime, just like we show children there's a rhythm to bedtime with repeated readings of bedtime stories, maybe repeated readings of Playdate will make actual playdates more fun for parents too!



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