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New to Board Book Format: Little Miss, Big Sis by Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Peter H. Reynolds

I keep thinking how nice it must be, and challenging at times, for siblings to be able to spend more time together lately. Our two and a half year old absolutely adores her big brother and while there are many instances of chaos and sibling arguments, they love playing together.

With illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds, Little Miss Big Sis starts with a girl anticipating the arrival of her sibling. After waiting and waiting Baby finally arrives! But even with the arrival of Baby things still may not look exactly like big sister had imagined it... (Illustration below)

But as Baby gets bigger so too does his personality and big sister's responsibilities. With los of "Hugging, holding, love unfolding. Singing singing. Really fun beginning" Reynolds illustrates just how meaningful those sibling relationships are.

As a younger sister myself, this book definitely made me smile as it brought back memories of playing with my older sister and the friendship that we have. And while no relationship is void of hurtles and frustrations, Little Miss Big Sis champions the idea that while friendships can be hard, a sibling is always worth caring for, learning from, and loving unconditionally.


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