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New to Board Book Format: I Just Want To Say Good Night by Rachel Isadora

I picked up this adorable board book recently (Rachel Isadora's illustrations always catch my eye), and it really is the sweetest bedtime board book for little ones. Set in a village on an African veld, the sun can be seen setting in the background on the first page. It's time for little ones to go to bed. A girl in the village (Lala) is not ready to go to bed however. "I just want to say good night to the fish" she says. Page after page, Lala continues to find one very last thing to say good night to before bed. A cat, a bird, a goat, a monkey, some chicks, a trail of ants, a dog, and a rock. Once in bed there's one very last thing Lala wants to say good night to: her book, Good Night, Moon.

A beautifully illustrated board book that captures Lala's sense of wonder and love for her surroundings, while also acknowledging one of the most well-known facts of parenting young children: bedtime is never a quick process. One of the things I like most about I Just Want To Say Good Night is that it captures a child's innate curiosity and excitement. When we see Lala with each animal she looks completely immersed in her world; completely focused on saying good night to each animal friend.

As always, enjoy!


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