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New to Board Book Format: 3 Board Books Coming Soon from Pajama Press!

Back from a quick family vacation to the Jersey Shore and finally catching up on my pile of board books to feature. Thanks to Pajama Press I received these three board books---all of which are super durable! First up, The Cow Said Boo!

1. The Cow Said Boo! by Lana Button & Illustrated by Alice Carter

When Cow wakes up one day with a cold she's so stuffy that her "Moo" turns into a "Boo!" Unrecognizable by her sound as well as the fact that she's covered in a white sheet her friends initially don't recognize her. Being terribly spooky has its benefits though, especially when a fox comes by. Thinking fast, Cow saves her friends by using her big loud "Boo" to scare the fox away. Cow's friends, realizing that it is in fact Cow and not a big scary monster start helping Cow to feel better. A board book that makes getting a cold just a little bit sillier, The Cow Said Boo! is the perfect board book for sniffly days or when your little one is in need of a good giggle. And the fun doesn't stop with Cow. With lots of animals on the farm little ones will find it quite amusing when Horse, Pig, Rooster, Cat, and Goat come down with colds and all start making new sounds.

2. Windy Days by Deborah Kerbel & Illustrated by Miki Sato

Another lovely board book in the Weather Days collection by Deborah Kerbel. Her full list of books can be found here. With lyrical text, Windy Days takes little ones through the seasons alongside the unpredictability and marvelousness of the wind. "Gentle wind, rising breeze scatters fluffy milkweed seeds."

One of the things I love about this series is Miki Sato's artwork. Her use of mixed-media is so beautifully presented and adds a three dimensional dynamic that isn't always present in illustrations. You can see more of her work here.

3. Hat on, Hat Off by Theo Heras & Illustrated by Renne Benoit

This adorable board book captures toddler life so perfectly through imagery and text that toddlers and adults will surely be able to relate! A board book that reminds me of the simple day-to-day illustrations in Puppy Too Small, Hat on, Hat Off captures a child's day-to-day routine along with the magic (and sometime struggles!) of life with a toddler.



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