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New Publication: Trees: A Count and Find Primer by Greg Paprocki.

My daughter was the first to open Trees and let me tell you, she looked through it at least five times and loves it. A count and find primer, Trees introduces children to ten different types of trees followed by a list of items to find throughout the book, as well as a list of tree facts.

Filled with idilic scenery, author Greg Paprocki draws attention to some of the most spectacular varieties of trees in the world. From mangrove trees, banyan trees, juniper trees and sequoia trees, to name a few, Paprocki not only presents idilic landscapes but a peaceful, slower way of life too. Families boating, hiking, biking, children playing, birds soaring, flowers growing, moose roaming, a kite flying in the wind...the list goes on.

I will always have a soft spot for nature-themed board books but Trees is exceptionally high on my list of favorite nature-themed board books since trees can so easily be overlooked. Do we really stop to admire and appreciate them? Parents and children will find that it's quite easy to get lost in the pages of Trees.

What trees will you see on your next adventure?



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