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New Publication: Let's Find MoMo Outdoors! by Andrew Knapp

A new Let's Find MoMo board book hit shelves in May and this one doesn't disappoint! A hide-and-seek adventure book, Let's Find Momo Outdoors gives children five things to find on one side of the page followed by a photograph on the opposite page to search for all five of the items. MoMo is the main source of excitement as children look forward to finding the very photogenic shepherd dog but there's a new friend. Can you find Boo too? Andrew Knapp also includes a photo of a teddy bear on each page. Another fun item to find!

The photography is stunning and children will love having the chance to find everyday items like a book, a clock, a ball, an apple, a beach towel, or a seashell, to name a few, in addition to searching for MoMo and Boo.



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