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Leo Loves Daddy by Anna McQuinn with Illustrations by Ruth Hearson

Happy book birthday to Leo Loves Daddy and Leo Loves Mommy! Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of Leo Loves Mommy but since I'm praising Leo Loves Daddy then I'm sure I would do the same for Leo Loves Mommy!

Board books that celebrate the connection between a parent and a child are among my favorite board books. Leo Loves Daddy is so incredibly simple (as board books usually are) but the sentiment behind this board book is what makes it so memorable. As Leo and his dad go through their daily routine---tummy tickles in the morning, pancakes for breakfast, fun dance moves, fast bike rides, playtime, tub time, stories and snuggle time, children will feel the joy that emulates from every page as Leo and his dad spend time together. I especially like Anne McQuinn's use of words like niftiest, zippiest, bubbliest, and snuggliest. Other board books by Anna McQuinn in this series include: Lola at the Library, and Lola Loves Stories with Daddy. There are other Leo books but unfortunately they're not in board book format which I hope will change.

As always, enjoy!


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