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Grandma Snuggles by Glenys Nellist with Illustrations by Gail Yerrill.

A special thank you to Glenys Nellist and to Zanderkids for the opportunity to review Grandma Snuggles, which hits shelves on July 28th. (To participate in a giveaway please see rules at @wheretheboardbooksare.)

A book that celebrates the timeless love, tenderness, strength, knowledge, playfulness, and wisdom of grandmothers, Grandma Snuggles also celebrates the presence of God's love. From illustrations of pandas, hedgehogs, beavers, mice, dogs, ducks, rabbits, cats, and a grandmother and her grandson, each page is woven with rhythmic text as each page articulates just how special grandmothers are---and especially their snuggles.

Here are two of my favorite pages:

"I have a snuggly grandma,

She loves to be with me.

Our two tails wag together

As we play beneath the tree.

"You're my precious puppy,"

She tells me every night.

Thank you, God, for Grandma.

Her snuggles feel so right!"

"Here's my snuggly grandma,

And aren't I glad she's mine!

Whenever we're together,

We have the sweetest time.

It doesn't matter what we do,

Or where we choose to go.

My grandma wants to be with me.

And this is what I know...

She loves me so and I love her!

We're happy as can be.

My grandma snuggles are the best

And God gave her to me.

With a vibrant color pallet, one of the things that stood out to me about Gail Yerrill's illustrations is the way she accentuates characters' eyes and facial expressions. Love is visible in many ways, but you can never doubt the love behind the eyes of a grandparent. Gail Yerrill captures that.

To order a copy of Grandma Snuggles, please consider purchasing from a local bookstore or from Baker Book House, which is offering a 20% off discount. You can also find a link to Amazon below. A perfect gift for National Grandparents Day on September 13th.

To watch a quick video by Glenys Nellist, click here.

And lastly, if you purchase a copy I'd love to hear how you ilke it, and/or see photos on Instagram! Use hashtag #wheretheboardbooksare.



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