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Fall Board Books: Part 2!

Happy September! Here's part two of my post on fall board books. Whether you like to have a seasonal-themed shelf at home or just love the fall, these three board books are a lot of fun.

1. The Goodnight Train Halloween by June Sobel and Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith

For those who are familiar with the Goodnight Train series, this is another exciting addition to the series. Other Goodnight Train books include The Goodnight Train, The Goodnight Train Rolls On, and Santa and The Goodnight Train. With dancing ghosts, a witch, a storm of candy corn, sheep in costumes, and a freight full of candy, Good Night Train Halloween sets the tone for a Halloween that is "more fun than fright." Written in rhyme, and filled with characters that are sure to delight little ones -- especially the black cat holding a toothbrush -- this Halloween-themed train adventure is just the right mix of age-appropriate spookiness and a whole lot of friendly fun.

2. You Are The Light Little Pumpkin by Lisa Edwards and Illustrated by Kat Kalindi

You Are The Light Little Pumpkin is a sweet board book that affirms the preciousness of a little one and how much that little one is loved. Set in the woods, Little Pumpkin attracts all kinds of woodland creatures with the light that Little Pumpkin emanates. Here's an excerpt:

"You are the light that leads the way, welcoming friends who are here to play...You are the light that sparkles bright, when all around is darkest night. Everyone gathers to see the sight. Little Pumpkin, we love you!"

Owls, a cat, spiders, bats, and more pumpkins, all gather to be with Little Pumpkin.

3. Snowmen at Halloween by Carolyn Buehner and Illustrated by Mark Buehner

The fun continues with Caralyn and Mark Buehner's snowmen series with this hysterically amusing and very creative board book. On an autumn day in October (as a New Englander this isn't a stretch by any means) snow begins to fall. Taking advantage of the snowy treat, two siblings make snowmen and dress them up with Halloween costumes. As the two siblings head home after trick-or-treating one of them is sure she sees a snowman wink. Perhaps the snowmen want to trick-or-treat too? The board book goes on to imagine what the snowmen might do.

Dressed up in all kinds of costumes they might have a parade, go down to the town square and carve pumpkins, play games, bob for apples, tell fortunes, wonder through a hay maze, tell spooky stories, and last, but not least, they'll trick-or-treat! There'll be lots of giggling and fun, but no one really knows because in the morning the snow had melted. However, a message from the snowmen remained. Written with candy on the bank where they stood read, Happy Halloween!

Such a fun one! Enjoy!


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