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F is for Farm & C is for City by Ashley Mireles and Illustrated by Volha Kaliaha

Thank you to Familius for sending me a copy of F is for Farm and C is for City. While there's a plethora of farm-themed board books out there what I particularly like about F is for Farm is its word choices. For example, instead of A for Apple like many alphabet board books, Ashley Mireles chose Agriculture for the letter A, Irrigation for I, Kiwi for K and Ximenia for X, to name a few. With sturdy pages F is for Farm is perfect for little ones who might have a tendency to play rough with board books.

I was also sent C is for City, which is another fun one. My favorite page is the B page of course! (Image below.)

Other pages include E for Emporium, K for Kiosk, M for Museum, U for University and V for Valet Parking (which I thought was clever).

What are some of your favorite board books right now? Comment below or on Instagram!


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