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Daisy the Hungry Duck by Evelien van Dort and Marjan van Zeyl

Another Floris Books favorite, the illustrations in Daisy the Hungry Duck remind me of illustrations by Robert McCloskey. As a paddling of ducks is seen in a stream, they "swim, swim, swim." When the ducks get hungry, they "dive, dive, dive." When Daisy duck is still hungry, they "waddle, waddle, waddle" in the meadow. With repeated words in sets of three on every page that refer to the actions of either the ducks, other animals, or people they may meet, this form of repetition is wonderful for kids according to an article on "Why Children Like Repetition, and How it Helps Them Learn".

A book that I wish I had put up on the blog sooner since it reminds me more of spring than of summer, but regardless, here it is!

As always, enjoy!


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