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Coming Soon: The Amicus Book of Bugs & The Amicus Book of Nature by Isobel Lundie

I received these beautiful board books from Amicus Publishing and I'm literally oohing and aahing over every page. The Amicus Book of Nature introduces flowers, animals, trees, the seasons, rivers, oceans, weather, earth, the universe, and ends by reminding children that they are also apart of nature. The illustrations by Isobel Lundie are really beautifully thought out and there's so much character to the animals facial expressions. I also particularly like the collage aspect of Lundie's illustrations as there's so much to see in such a teeny tiny amount of space. While not every animal or plant is named in the book, it's really meant to be a basic introduction to nature.

Moving on to the second book: The Amicus Book of Bugs, I was again excited to see how much personality you can give a fly or even an earwig! With facts like, "a beetle has a hard shell that hides it wings" and "a honey bee works hard carrying pollen and making honey," children in the 0-2 range receive just enough information without it becoming too factual. Every page is also accompanied by any number of words like creep, buzz, hiss, or whoosh, for example, depending on the type of noise the bug makes.

Two lovely board books that are perfect for spring! Other board books in this series include: The Amicus Book of Earth, The Amicus Book of Homes, and The Amicus Book of Animals. Enjoy!


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