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Barn In Winter by Chambrae Griffith & Illustrated by Taia Morley

Happy New Year and thank you to everyone who follows along! As I resume posting, I'd like to feature Chambrae Griffith's new board book, Barn In Winter: Safe and Warm on the Farm. This delightful, rhyming board book gives little ones a glimpse into the purpose of a barn in wintertime. Through wintery scenes of empty pastures, an empty pig pen, a windswept chicken coop, a snowed in goat pen, and an abandoned doghouse, little ones might wonder: where's the cow? Where's the pig, chickens, goat, and dog? They are safe and warm! "Barn hugs them all, through the cold winter storm."

A beautifully written board book with lovely illustrations by Taia Morley, Barn In Winter breathes new life into an overcrowded farm-themed board book market.


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