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5 Newly Released Board Books

With September in full swing, I'm finally getting around to adding these five board books to the blog. Although it isn't an assortment that's exclusively meant for fall, I'm excited to see Gail Gibbons's fall-themed book, Apples, now available in board book format. Full list below.

With words separated into categories such as animals, colors, toys, outside, garage, home, mealtime, clothes, bathtime and bedtime, little ones will get the full sense of Margaret Wise Brown's Goodnight Moon just by being exposed to so many of Clement Hurd's illustrations. The variety of first-word categories is nicely thought out and the oversized format of the book is excellent for little ones who are just starting to point to objects and sound them out.

2. Build! by Xavier Deneux

I think this may be one of my favorite Xavier Deneux books yet. With all of the familiar aspects of the series such as the cutout shapes and bright colors, what makes this one so memorable is the fact that thick cardboard shapes within the book can be taken out and placed on an opposite page. For example, on the first page the book says "Rise and shine! We're building a house. Let's get started. Are you ready? First things first! Put on your hard hat." Children will then be able to see that there is a yellow piece of cardboard to lift up off the page and place on a builder's head on the opposite page. An exciting way to interact with the book and an excellent opportunity for fine-motor and cognitive development.

3. Little Naturalists: Henry David Thoreau in the Woods by Kate Coombs & Illustrated by Seth Lulus.

Another exciting addition to the BabyLit Book series, Henry David Thoreau in the Woods is the perfect outdoor board book companion for children as it describes Henry David Thoreau's observations of nature while living near Walden Pond. A naturalist, philosopher and writer, Thoreau spent his time studying clouds, looking at birds' nests, whittling wood, observing ants, listening to bullfrogs, swimming, and watching the world around him. Such a fun book for kids and one that parents and teachers will enjoy reading as it encourages children to observe nature, to wonder, to appreciate, and to be resourceful. The illustrations by Seth Lulus are also a lot of fun. I particularly like the one of Thoreau writing in his house by candlelight with his friend the mouse.

Newly printed in board book format, Latkes, Latkes Good to Eat by Naomi Howland reminds me of Strega Nona and her magic pasta pot. When a young girl gives a woman some firewood to stay warm the woman gives the girl a pan in return. While the pan miraculously cooks latkes to feed the girl and her siblings, when the girl goes out one day the siblings get a hold of the pan, and soon there are latkes pouring out of the house everywhere! When the girl returns she says the magic words: "a great miracle happened here" and the pan stops. With so many latkes the family shares them with the entire village and from that day on no one in the village is hungry on Chanukah. (Illustration below. Apologies for the blurriness. board books are a little tricky to photograph when the pages move...)

5. Apples by Gail Gibbons

I remember thinking last year when I added 6 Board Books for Fall how I wished Apples was available in board book format so that I could add it to my list. Now I can! A beautiful book that tells children about the growth journey of an apple and a bit about apple anatomy. It's the perfect book for fall (and spring!) and I love how it shows children eight different apple varieties (with labels) towards the end of the book. Definitely a favorite! The illustrations are also lovely.



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