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4 Board Books from ZonderKidz

These four board books from ZonderKidz have been patiently waiting in their box to be featured and, after a longer-than-usual delay on my part, are finally up on the blog.

The World is Awake for Little Ones by Linsey Davis and illustrated by Lucy Fleming, draws children's attention to recognizing daily blessings. Images such as butterflies floating, dragonflies flitting, or ladybugs gliding, show children the liveliness of the world around them as well as God's living presence. With vibrant illustrations and pages of facial expressions that are full of delight and energy, The World is Awake for Little Ones is a beautiful reminder to children -- and adults -- to celebrate the gifts that surround us.

While I thought about featuring A Christmas Gift for Santa separately, I'm going to include it here for now.

A board book that reminds me of Little Blue Truck's Valentine, which, for those who aren't familiar with it, follows Little Blue Truck as he delivers Valentine's Day cards only to realize that he himself didn't receive a card. In the end he does in fact receive many cards but there's that moment when he thinks that he's been forgotten. A Christmas Gift for Santa follows a similar plot. When Santa returns from his global travels he comes home and wonders if he too will receive a gift. Without immediately finding one he too, like Little Blue Trick, feels forgotten. After much searching and pondering, Santa receives a loving note from Mrs. Clause and a knitted night cap. He was not forgotten after all. Written in rhyme, I like how A Christmas Gift for Santa takes place after the presents have been delivered as there's an abundance of children's books that focus on the delivery of presents already.

In Fiona it's Bedtime readers will follow Fiona through the zoo as she says good night to all her friends.

"Good night, Cheetah, lighting-fast, now it's time for sleep at last. Snuggle up in Mama's fur and drift off to her loving purr." A board book that not only highlights a plethora of zoo animals and some of their most well known traits, but also emphasizes to children that all living creatures, big and small, must sleep. By the end of the book Fiona is fast asleep.

Near by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago is a board book that, like The World is Awake for Little Ones, draws children's attention to God's presence in their lives.

Here's an excerpt: "He is near me and protects me. He sees me and knows me. he is strong and he looks after me. He is with me---always!" I particularly liked the illustrations in this one as children will see that no matter where they are, whether in space, under water, in a hot air balloon, at the North Pole, or in their beds, God is with them. Inspired by psalm 139, Near is a board book that should be within a child's arms reach for bedtime.



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