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4 Board Books from Barefoot Books

Thank you to Barefoot Books for sending me these four board books! First up is Brave Bear!

1. Brave Bear by Tessa Strickland & Esteli Meza

In this Yoga Tots board book little ones can mimic how bear is illustrated throughout the book. When bear is waking up from a long winter's nap, little ones can rise from their mats as they yawn and stretch just like Brave Bear. The perfect board book for families or preschools who like to incorporate movement and mindfulness throughout the day, Brave Bear is sure to be enjoyed by all.

2. Happy Tiger by Tessa Strickland & Esteli Meza

Another board book in the Yoga Tots series, Happy Tiger shows little ones how to stretch like a tiger, how to feel the ground like a tiger, how to take deep breathes like a tiger, and how to be strong like a tiger. With an illustration of Happy Tiger on the first page of each spread followed by illustrations of children mimicking or contemplating tiger movements, little ones can easily follow along with this board book without the help of an adult if the child chooses. And while children may not have the chance to do these movements and stretches with a real tiger by their side, there's always the possibility of a smaller cat being near by (as you'll see throughout the book).

3. That's Mine by Sumana Seeboruth & Ashleigh Corrin

A board book that every home needs, That's Mine tells a story that parents are all too familiar with. As you can guess it starts with little ones playing together until a toddler argument breaks out over which toy belongs to whom! "Your dog. My cat. This is mine. Take that! My sheep, my duck, my car, my truck. My pig, my frog."

After much frustration and disputes That's Mine shows a little one suddenly realizing that she's playing alone because she won't share. Realizing that she'd rather play with friends everyone is able to come back together and share appropriately. A board book that I thoroughly enjoyed because of its textual simplicity as well as its illustrative genius, children won't need words to figure this little gem out.

4. Undies, Please! by Sumana Seeboruth & Ashleigh Corrin

While many potty training board books focus on how to use the potty, Undies, Please! focuses on the excitement of being able to wear underwear. While there may still be accidents, Undies, Please! shows a very happy child as he finally is able to get rid of his diapers and wear undies.

Thank you again to Barefoot Books for sharing these with me!

As always, enjoy!


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