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3 Board Books for Passover

As passover approaches I wanted to highlight these three board books: My First Passover by Tomie dePaola, My First Jewish Baby Book by Julie Merberg with illustrations by Beck Feiner, and It's a Mitzvah also by Julie Merberg with illustrations by Beck Feiner.

1. My First Passover by Tomie dePaola

I love all of Tomie dePaola's "My First..." series and My First Passover doesn't disappoint. As the book goes through a family's special ceremony of the Seder---enjoying a special meal by candlelight, singing songs, reading the Haggadah, asking questions, children will learn that families celebrate Passover to remember when Moses led the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt. The final page ends with "Next Year in Jerusalem!" (a phrase often sung to mark the end of Passover) followed by the same text in Hebrew.

A wonderful addition to any child's bookshelf.

2. My First Jewish Baby Book by Julie Merberg with Illustrations by Beck Feiner

While not specifically about Passover, My First Jewish Baby Book: Almost Everything you Need to Know About Being Jewish from Afikomen to Zayde is an alphabet book that children and families who celebrate Jewish holidays (as well as those who don't) will enjoy. I particularly like the vibrant illustrations and how informative the book is for the world's littlest listeners!

3. It's A Mitzvah! Really Important Things You Should (and Shouldn't) Do by Julie Merberg with Illustrations by Beck Feiner

Another vibrant board book, It's A Mitzvah! gives children pages of life lessons in a way that little ones can understand. As the book begins with "Mitzvahs are things that you should do--and shouldn't--do. Take a look at the ways you can be a good Jew!" children will see ways in which they can be kind to others and themselves. Examples include, showing love to parents and grandparents, being a curious learner, showing gratitude by giving away what you don't need, bringing food to others, visiting someone who's sick or lonely, welcoming new neighbors...the list goes on. A wonderful board book and one that all children (regardless of whether or not they are Jewish) can learn from.



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