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The Snowy Day by Anna Milbourne and Illustrated by Elena Temporin

The Snowy Day

"One freezing cold night, when the clouds are big and white, something exciting happens...." A book that celebrates the winter season and a child's wonder when the world outside suddenly becomes a snowy landscape, The Snowy Day follows three children as they play outside, build a snowman, sled, and marvel at the fish swimming in a pond with a frozen, icy surface.

While, I think the text could be a little more descriptive -- snow-themed books tend to all end up sounding the same unless there's a unique plot or rhythm, I do think there's a place for very simple books like this one. The cover illustration is definitely my favorite and the size of this board book is particularly fun as it's about the height of an iPhone. The Windy Day is another one in Melbourne's series.


The Snowy Day

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