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Making Tracks Series

After a technical hiatus, I'm back to posting! I recently received these four lovely books from Child's Play and I'm happy to be sharing them. I remember looking for animal tracks as a kid, and our son loves playing the game Match A Track: Match 25 Animals to their Paw Prints, so I was excited to learn of a board book series that introduces children to identifying tracks.

With lift-the-flaps and die-cuts, each page starts off by asking "Who is making tracks?" with an illustration of a series of tracks followed by a flap on the opposite page that reveals the answer. And while we might initially think of animals as being the immediate source of track-making, Making Tracks keeps readers on their toes as a variety of tracks unfold. For example, in Making Tracks: Farm, you'll see cow tracks, chicken tracks, and horse tracks, but tractors make tracks too. At the beach you might find seagull tracks, footprint tracks, and turtle tracks. You might also find tire tracks from the lifeguard truck, or stick tracks from a sand drawing.

A very creative board book concept, especially with the use of die-cuts as they add a tactile experience that parallels that of tracing your fingers along real tracks outside.

A sincere thank you to Child's Play for the opportunity to feature them!


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