• Kelsey Paff

If I Were A Bear Series by Shelley Gill with Illustrations by Erik Brooks

I'm always on the look out for board books that I haven't heard of before and thanks to Sasquatch Books, I was recently introduced to these three lovely board books.

What I particularly like about them is that each book focuses on one type of animal (a bear, a bird, or a whale) in order to provide readers with in-depth information about the different types of bears, birds, and whales, instead of just making a book about a variety of different types of animals, and within that variety, only introduce one type of bear, bird, or whale.

In If I Were a Bear, for example, children are introduced to a black bear, a blue bear, a Kermode bear (a black bear that's born white), a grizzly bear, a Kodiak bear, and a polar bear. With vibrant illustrations that show the natural habitats of bears, If I Were A Bear is a lovely companion for families who love the outdoors, love to travel, or just simply want to know more about animals in nature.

If I Were A Bird and If I Were A Whale follow suit as they both focus on different types of birds and whales while at the same time providing a rhythmic story for children as kids are invited to imagine what it would be like to be an owl, a raven, a bald eagle, a trumpeter swan, or perhaps a snow goose.

One of my favorite pieces of text in If I Were A Bird is: "Think of a feather. What a fantastic thing! Woven together, feathers make wings." Such a great line to encourage children to think about all the amazing aspects of nature and the world around them.

A series that without doubt brings nature to the forefront of one's mind, I hope to see many more board books added to this series by Shelley Gill and Erik Brooks. I know my kids would be extremely excited if an If I Were A Dinosaur book were added to the series.

Thank you again to Sasquatch Books for the lovely copies!