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Skye the Puffling

For anyone who adores Scottish-themed books, Skye the Puffling is an adorable tale about a baby puffin who, wild with excitement for the world, one day wanders off too far from her parents. After taking a tumble, Skye lands on the back of a gannet as she's swept up and flown to a noisy, gannet-covered reef. And while the little puffling is good at making new friends and staying calm, she's delighted when she's reunited with her family.

Reading this book reminded me so much of parenting with a toddler. They are so eager to explore and constantly on the go, but easily become nervous if mom or dad aren't in sight. I love the illustrations of the overly round and fluffy-looking puffling and the use of common Scottish words like wee is super fun to read.

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