• Kelsey Paff

Dot, Stripe, Squiggle by Sarah Tuttle & Miriam Nerlove

As you all know, I love new board book finds and was particularly excited when I found this one. A special thanks to Life's An Art for being the original source of the find.

A board book that will no doubt make you and your little one laugh, Dot, Stripe, Squiggle reminds me of a predictable song that you can't get enough of as the words repeat: Dot. Stripe. Squiggle. Dot! What comes next? Stripe! ... Squiggle! A dotted fish appears, and then a striped one, followed by a squiggly Ribbon Eel. Now the dots and stripes appear together as a fish with dots and stripes appears to glide across the page. Now the dots and squiggles come together as a dotted and squiggly octopus appears to float across the page. Then...dots, stripes, and squiggles ALL together!

A board book with so much room for parent-child interactions, Dot, Stripe, Squiggle has clear, vibrant illustrations by Miriam Nerlove, for both child and parent to absorb and appreciate. I hope your little one(s) like it as much as our daughter does!

Happy reading!