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New Finds: Animal Colours, Noises, and Opposites by Nicola Killen

I just love new book discoveries, especially when they're as gorgeous as these! Published in the UK, author and illustrator Nicola Killen has put together a beautiful series of first concept books. There are actually four in the series -- Animal Colours, Animal Noises, Animal Opposites, and Animal Numbers. I'm missing Animal Numbers but hopefully you'll get a good sense of the series from the ones I'm putting up.

Animal Colours has such an energetic and joyful looking cover. (I know, don't judge a book by it's cover, but sometimes covers really do give you a glimpse of what is to come.) Such a seemingly playful tiger with a smart looking grin. I also love how the tiger looks like he's leaping out of the orange gallon of paint, as if all good ideas leap to life with a piece of paper and some gooey color.

On the inside, each page presents the child with a color followed by a variety of items. With lift-the-flaps, the book becomes all the more exciting as children can look forward to finding out which animal is hiding behind the page. Could it be our friend the tiger?

Animal Noises and Animal Opposites are formatted in a similar way with animals hiding behind the flaps waiting to be found (pictures below).

A lovely series that deserves more praise than mine.

What board book discoveries have you made lately?

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