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Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown

Originally published in 2014, Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown is now in board book format. A lovely compilation of poems (or songs) as well as artwork, Goodnight Songs brings together illustrators such as Jonathan Bean, Carin Berger, Sophie Blackall, Linda Bleck, Renata Liwska, Christopher Silas Neal, Zachariah OHora, Eric Puybaret, Sean Qualls, Isabel Roxas, Melissa Sweet, and Dan Yaccarino.

While the book doesn't give the reader any musical direction as to the melody of the poems (if in fact they are meant to be sung), you can always stream the songs from Amazon (or for free from YouTube). Here is an example of one of the poems.

Baby, sail the seven seas

Safely in my arms.

When the waves go up and down,

You are safe from harm.

While the breezes gently blow,

You rock to and fro.

When the gale blows from the south,

You will sail and go.

When the ocean's white with spray,

You will sail away

Until the rising sun

Ends the voyage just begun.


Song to Estyn illustrated by Eric Puybaret
The Mouses's Prayer illustrated by Johnathan Bean


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