• Kelsey Paff

All in a Day

I'm always drawn to board books that stand out on a shelf inundated by sparkly, touch-and-feel books, or baby's-first-words books. These books have their benefits in moderation, but it always worries me that parents limit themselves to such books in the early stages of their child's life. While not all infants or toddlers may enjoy looking at the illustrations of a book like All in a Day, the text has a lovely, poetic rhythm to it that all children will enjoy listening to. I briefly looked at a few customer reviews of All in a Day and I was shocked to see that one customer regretted buying the book because she didn't think it would be challenging enough for her grandchildren. I thought, how strange, because when I read All in a Day, which celebrates all the possibilities and opportunities available to us in a day, I am reminded of a message that I so easily forget, a message that challenges even adults: that a day is precious, that a day is only for right now, and that whatever the hurtles or joys, we should marvel in the gift that is today.

With lovely text by award-winning author Cynthia Rylant and beautiful cut-paper illustrations by Nikki McClure this board book is one that our 2 and a half year-old has already asked to read several times. As the book creates a whimsical, timeless feel with its alternating black and blue pages and its black and yellow pages, I think all families will find enjoyment in reading it.

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