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Sleep Tight, Sleepy Bears

I know I just posted a book by Margaret Wise brown last week but this one is too adorable not to mention. And just like Goodnight Little One, I hadn't heard of it before.

A get-your-blanket and snuggle-up-close kind of tale, Sleep Tight, Sleepy Bears beautifully highlights that even a great big papa bear gets tired too.

"There was a great BIG sleepy bear, and a little sleepy bear, The BIG sleepy bear yawned a great big yawn, and the little sleepy bear yawned a little sleepy yawn. Then the BIG bear gave a great big stretch, and the little sleepy bear gave a little sleepy stretch..."

Illustrations by Julie Clay
Illustrations by Julie Clay

The kind of book that encourages parents and children to, in a way, make a game out of preparing for bed -- first they yawn, then stretch, then rest their heads, then sing a song etc. -- it's also the kind of book that seems to show just how much children (deep down) want to follow their parent's lead (I might be taking that analogy a bit too far, but there's something so endearing about watching your child mimic your movements, making you feel like, just maybe, you're doing something right).

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