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Books by Nancy Shaw

All children's picture book authors and illustrators strive for creativity, hoping their book will catch a reader's (and a publisher's) attention. But some, inevitably outshine the others. Nancy Shaw and Margot Apple's series on sheep does just that. From impeccable rhyming, to laugh-out-loud illustrations, each of their books is worthy of any child's bookshelf.

Illustration from Sheep in a Jeep

While my personal favorite is Sheep Go to Sleep, a story of five sheep who struggle to fall asleep until a trusty collie steps in to help them out, I still find all of the Nancy Shaw and Margot Apple books thoroughly entertaining. The character personalities that Margot Apple is able to create throughout the series is also impeccable. From frowning sheep, to laughing sheep, to sweaty and exhausted sheep, to dancing and hugging sheep, Margot Apple gives each of the sheep an enduring and unforgettable personality. Children will no doubt love the humor that the sheep bring to the story as well -- whether it's a sheep forgetting to steer, a sheep running into the side of a shed, or a sheep making funny faces, each of the sheep add something special to the story.

Illustration from Sheep Go to Sleep

A book for bedtime, a book full of laughs, and an exceptional example of author-illustrator complementarity, Nancy Shaw and Margot Apple bring the child a book to hold on to.

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