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A Good Day

A story that reminds me of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day, Kevin Henkes gives us a story of a bird, a little dog, a fox, and a squirrel -- all having a bad day. The little yellow bird loses his favorite feather. The little dog gets tangled in her leash. The little fox can't find his mother. And the little squirrel drops her acorn. But even the worst days can still turn into good days.

The little squirrel finds her acorn. The little fox finds his mother. The little dog untangles herself. And the little yellow bird forgets about his lost feather. And best of all, a little girl, finding the yellow feather, dances around the yard shouting, "Mama! What a good day!"

A story with attractive-looking, detailed illustrations, A Good Day is a book every parent will want in the house for that grumpy, temper tantrum-prone, bad day when all children need a little reassurance that everything will be ok. And while the book is perfectly suited to children, I'd add that the book is a reminder to mothers as well that we too need a little reassurance sometimes. The baby may be teething all day, the toddler may need extra attention, the infant may want to nurse for what feels like hours and hours at a time, but every day with your little one is precious and someday we'll cherish each one as---a good day.

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