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Little Vehicle Books

Little Vehicle Books (Green Start) by Ikids

Tiny books about planes, boats, construction, trains, cars -- what could be more fun? This particular set is the little vehicle set but there are many more in the Green Start series by Innovative Kids, including Little Ocean Books, Little Learning Books, Little Color Books, and others.

in addition to being fond of the size of these books -- they're about 4x4in -- I also like the thick cardboard pages and glossy pen and paint illustrations. (Below illustration from the book Construction.)

Each book has six illustrations and gives a single word for each type of vehicle, car, plane, boat, etc. (Illustration below from the book Train.)


Whether your child is a few months old, five, (or anywhere in between) these books are engaging to look at, easy to transport -- I usually keep one or two in my son's diaper bag -- and cover a wide spectrum of vehicle words like cargo plane, hot-air balloon, street sweeper, convertible, recycling truck, forklift truck, rescue boat, snowplow, and caboose, to name a few.

These were the first books my son could easily pick up and hold, the first books he chewed on, and now he enjoys walking around with them, flipping through the pages, or laughing at the pictures. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

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