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20 Holiday Board Books!

My 2022 list of holiday board books (in no particular order) is here!

1. Santa Mouse Bakes Christmas Cookies based on the character created by Michael Brown

A Christmas board book that's as delightful as the illustrations within it, Santa Mouse is about to go to bed on Christmas Eve when he hears something. Getting up to investigate he finds the kitchen bustling with elves. Santa Mouse then proceeds to make enough cookies for the house and for Santa. When Santa arrives Santa Mouse is given a special ride on Santa's sleigh.

2. Moo, Baa, Falalalala! by Sandra Boynton

A new dose of cheer from Sandra Boynton is here for the holidays. With oodles of entertaining facial expressions that will make everyone giggle, this holiday board book takes the familiar lyrics of "Deck the Halls" to a new and unforgettable level. As the first page opens with "Deck the halls with cows and holly," you know little ones will be laughing from start to finish!

3. Happy All-IDays! by Cindy Jin & Illustrated by Rob Sayegh Jr.

A board book that tells little ones that families "celebrate the season in their own special way." From Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Chrismukkah, Happy All-idays gives children a familiarity with the names of each celebration and some of objects that are commonly associated with those holidays such as a Christmas tree, a menorah, red, black, and green, and in Chrismukkah's case, a mix of Christmas and Chanukah objects.

4. When Winter Comes by Aimee M Bissonette & Illustrated by Erin Hourigan

New to board book format, When Winter Comes takes a look at where animals go in the winter and how there's so much to discover in the woods. I particularly liked the detailed illustrations and the use of warm colors to capture the glow of wintertime sunsets!

5. Hanukkah Nights by Amalia Hoffman

In this creative board book each flame of the candle is illustrated with a different pattern that kids can try at home. A fun board book for little ones that will inspire them to pickup some brushes/markers/crayons and create their own masterpieces!

6. Countdown to Christmas by Greg Paprocki

The final 10 day countdown to Christmas takes off in Greg Paprocki's new Christmas board book. With objects to find on every page, little ones will enjoy the interactive aspect of Countdown to Christmas. From tree decorating, gift wrapping, letter writing, gingerbread house making, ugly sweater parties, caroling, and more, Countdown to Christmas is bound to capture the attention of little ones---and undoubtably captures the wonder of the holiday season.

7. All the Colors of Christmas by Matthew Paul Turner & Illustrated by Gillian Gamble

The incredible Matthew Paul Turner and Gillian Gamble duo are show-stoppers in All the Colors of Christmas. New to board book format All the Colors of Christmas tells little ones (in perfect rhyme) what Christmas is made up of---one color at a time. Here's an excerpt:

Christmas is white. It's warm candlelight. It's mountaintops and small fancy shops. It's turtledoves in flight. It's December snowstorms and blankets warm. It's angel wings and the song that we sing about our dreams for Christmas morn.

With illustrations that magnify the beauty of author Matthew Paul Turner's text, I particularly loved the illustration with the carousel and the balloons. So magical!

A modern-day classic, All the Colors of Christmas is a board book you don't want to miss out on!

8. Silent Night: A Christmas Song Illustrated by Sara Giannassi

Illustrated to "Silent Night" this board book shows the peacefulness among animals on the night Jesus was born.

9. Santa Jaws by Bridget Heos & Illustrated by Galia Bernstein

New to board book format, Santa Jaws is an underwater Christmas thriller as sharks get ready for Santa Jaws. There's kelp to be decorated, songs to be sung, and treats to be made. When Santa Jaws arrives he's dazzled by the sight of chewy wreaths and crunchy lights. Reminiscent of The Night Before Christmas at times, Santa Jaws is seen waving goodby in his "sleigh" made of shipwreck and pulled by hammerhead sharks saying "Fishy Christmas to all, and to all a good bite."

10. Snowmen at Work by Caralyn Buehner & Illustrated by Mark Buehner

Also new to board book format, Snowmen at Work (like all of the Snowmen books in the series) brings snowmen to life in a way that will captivate the minds and imaginations of little ones. While not specifically about the holidays it has hints of the holiday season. From shoveling snow, dentistry, fixing sleds, grocery shopping, decorating cakes, and more, the snowmen keep busy at night when all are asleep.

A first-concept board book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Peekaboo Christmas is a continuation of Eric Carle's classic children's stories that have touched generations of kids. With an introduction to words like ornaments, holly, treats, presents, and friends, this board book is a great gift for a little one's first Christmas.

12. Snow by Jill McDonald

A Hello World board book, Snow gives children a beginning understanding of how snow is formed and how each snowflake is unique. With lots of ways to enjoy the snow, Snow is the perfect board book for inquisitive toddlers and an excellent resource for home education and schools.

13. I Love You More Than Christmas by Ellie Hattie & Illustrated by Tim Warnes

There's so much to enjoy during the Christmas season, and for Little Bear the excitement is real! From wrapping gifts, receiving cards, tree decorating, cookie and cake baking, and caroling, there's so much to do and see. But the one thing Little Bear's parents love more than Christmas is Little Bear.

14. You Are the Light Little Star by Lisa Edwards & Illustrated by Kat Kalindi

A board book that celebrates the Little Star that shines bright overhead and acts as our guiding light. To me, Little Star helps little ones and adults see the "bright stars" in our lives and how we can be thankful for those that light up our world. With woodland illustrations, I love how illustrator Kat Kalindi added snow, stars, and a touch of glitter and gleam to each page to emphasize the imagery of light, faith, and hope.

15. Sing Along With Me! Jingle Bells Illustrated by Yu-hauan Huang

A board book with pull-tabs, Jingle Bells is a fun board book to have in the house during the holidays as toddlers can easily "read" the book themselves if they're familiar with the lyrics of "Jingle Bells."

16. Wreck the Halls by Melinda Rathjen & Illustrated by Gareth Williams

For all the toddler truck fans out there this one's for you! Truck fans will particularly appreciate the use of the word "wrecking truck" instead of tow-truck. What wrecking trucks are great for is decking the halls, loading up trees, stringing lights, caroling, wrapping, towing cookie trucks and gifts. A board book that will not disappoint truck-loving enthusiasts!

17. Snow Illustrated by Jane Ormes

Snow by Jane Ormes gives children the names of some male and female winter animals and their offspring. A daddy reindeer, for example is called a bull, while a mommy reindeer is called a cow. A mommy polar bear is a called a sow while a daddy polar bear is called a boar. I really enjoyed the illustrations in this one but wish the book was a bit longer. It only gives the names of four sets of animals.

18. Happy Llamakkah! by Laura Gehl & Illustrated by Lydia Nichols

Written in rhyme, this Hanukkah-themed llama board book brings a creative twist to little ones as they read about llamas who celebrate Llamakkah! The book also includes a lengthy author's note in the back, which is nice for parents as they begin to explain the Hanukkah tradition to their children.

19. Christmas Street: A fold-out, lift-the-flap ABC book by Johnathan Emmett & Illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius.

A fold-out and lift-the-flap ABC board book that will entertain little ones on end! This board book is also nice and big and has flaps that are easy to open.

20. It's Christmas Everywhere: Celebrations from Around the World by Hannah Barnaby & Illustrated by Joao Fazenda

A sturdy board book in the shape of a tree, It's Christmas Everywhere takes readers on a journey around the world to look at cultural traditions. The text is a bit long for children under 2 but the nice thing about this book is that it can grow with your children.

For more holiday board books here's my list from 2020 and 2021.

Thank you all for continuing to follow Where the Board Books Are! My kids are getting older and life keeps getting busier, but posting on this blog is something I really enjoy doing, and it's my hope that one of these days I'll have a board book of my own to post on these walls.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


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