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Whose Bones? An Animal Guessing Game by Gabrielle Balkan with Illustrations by Sam Brewster

A newly published board book by Phaidon, Whose Bones? An Animal Guessing Game is a great resource for kids. While it's usually easy for little ones to recognize a picture of a giraffe, can they recognize a giraffe's skeletal structure? With each page, author Gabrielle Balkan gives readers a series of clues when looking at a page with bones. For example, "I live in the African savanna, where it is hot, hot, hot. My legs and tongue are long, too! I am not an ostrich." Children can then guess what animal it is followed by a revealing fold-out illustration of the animal and additional text (picture below).

An informative and exciting book to read to little ones, Sam Brewster's meticulously created, high-contrast illustrations add an inviting warm and cold feel to the book depending on the page. At times, Brewster's illustrations reminded me of Bastien Contraire and vintage posters. A board book find I'd highly recommend for 2-4 year olds, Whose Bones? is definitely a board book I'd like to see as a series.



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