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Two New Board Books from Little Bigfoot!

A very happy belated board book birthday to Go, Planes, Go! and Go, Trucks, Go! by Addie Boswell and illustrated by Alexander Mostov. I've always been a big fan of Go, Bikes, Go! and Go, Boats, Go! so when I received these two additional board books from Little Bigfoot, I was pleased to see that the series continues to be just as exciting and and vibrant as the first two board books. With rhyming text, children will love anticipating what's coming next. I know my daughter does! Here's a little excerpt from Go, Planes, Go! "Planes have noses. Planes have tails. What do those planes do with sails? Planes for stunts. Planes for sights. Planes for round-the-world flights."

What I particularly like about Go, Planes, Go! is that it gives children a wonderful first glimpse into the variety of planes out there and what their jobs and characteristics are.

Go, Trucks, Go! competes with many other truck-themed board books on the market but what sets Go, Trucks, Go! apart is that while other truck board books might focus on the names of the vehicles (or a certain set of vehicles such as construction vehicles), Go, Trucks, Go! focuses on a variety of trucks and what they can do. With trucks that pull long pipes, trucks that demolish, trucks that put out fires, trucks that check the weather, trucks that race, and trucks that even pull houses, the list of jobs for trucks is never-ending! And knowing such a great variety of trucks will definitely make for some more enjoyable road trips!



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