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Two More Winter Board Books

Sneaking in a last winter-themed board book post before winter is over.

First up The Very Hungry Caterpillar's First Winter! With everyone's favorite caterpillar, this snowy board book takes readers along with caterpillar as he discoveries all the different ways to spend a snowy day. Page one (with caterpillar sitting on a cozy chair inside by the fire watching the snow fall) sounds like a good option to me! Other ideas include: watching icicles form, going outside, slipping and sliding across ice, jumping in a snow slush puddle, listening to the sound of crunching footsteps, and last, but not least, coming inside to the smell of cinnamon swirls rising in the oven and a plate of yummy sugar cookies with sprinkles. I also love how the last page has an illustration of flowers to show how spring is coming! You'll also notice another Eric Carle character -- the ladybug, who doesn't look so grouchy.

A wonderful winter board book that grabs your attention with all of the classic charm that comes with all Eric Carle books.

Another adorable one, this bright and cheerful board book with large lift-the-flaps gives children the names of a daddy reindeer, a mummy reindeer (love seeing those British words!) and three other animals. I actually didn't know that a daddy polar bear is called a boar. My only complaint is that they used bull and cow twice in the book. A daddy reindeer is a bull and a mummy reindeer is a cow. A daddy orca is also called a bull and a mummy orca is also called a cow. Perhaps it's a good way to show that different animals go by the same name, but why not highlight a daddy penguin (cock) and a mummy penguin (hen) instead (or another winter animal). Besides that the book is wonderfully done and a great introductory resource for little ones who are learning the names of winter animals (or perhaps would like to expand their vocabulary with more precise names like a jill and a jack).



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