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Two Board Books from Peachtree Petite.

Thank you to Peachtree Publishing for sending me these two board books. I opened Spectacular Spots first and it's such a fun one! Drawing a child's attention to the details of each particular animal throughout the book encourages children to not only observe an animal's markings but also, as the child gets bigger, to describe those markings.

Written in English and Spanish, Spectacular Spots is also a useful resource for bilingual learning. I do wish however that the book had included the specific variety of each animal throughout the book. For instances, children will understand that they're looking at a turtle, a quail, or a horse, etc. but knowing the exact breed of horse, for example, would have been helpful to include. In the illustration below I'm still not sure which type of slug that is even after searching for it. I do love the illustration of the horse and the rest of the book's illustrations however.

Curious about Fish is another fun one! With the name of each variety of animal listed, Curious about Fish is a great resource for little ones who are ready to know that they're not just looking at a fish but a butterflyfish or am Atlantic sailfish, for example.

Curious about Fish is also part of a series, which includes: Curious about Birds, Curious about Mammals, and Curious about Insects.

For families looking to expand their library of nature-themed board books at home, the curious series as well as Spectacular Spots are a great way to encourage a child's natural curiosity.



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