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Two Board Books from Pajama Press!

Thank you to Pajama Press for sending me Where's Bunny? and Giraffe Meets Bird. A prequel to the picture book, Giraffe and Bird, Giraffe Meets Bird is both funny and honest about friendships. With a clear focus on illustrating eye contact and facial expressions, Bird and Giraffe have an intensive friendship when it comes to communicating. If bird is upset, you know it! If Giraffe is know it! This emphasis on illustrating facial expressions, in turn, allows children to see and understand a variety of emotions that we often associate with particular facial expressions.

The one thing I didn't particularly care for, however, is when Giraffe goes to save Bird from a lion, Giraffe jumps up into a tree. I know it's meant to be humorous, and to a degree it is, but for some children it might be a bit confusing to them why Giraffe is in a tree when Giraffes, as we know, don't climb in trees. Apart from that, I thought it was a very fun and amusing board book, and the perfect story for before a playdate.

On to Where's Bunny? What a sweet board book!

I have to say that one of the first things I noticed was the style of the illustrations, the font choice, the font size, and how the combination of those three elements reminded me of board books from the 90's. Anyone remember Suppertime for Frieda Fuzzypaws or Puppy Too Small? Those were both childhood favorites and there's just something about Renee Benoit's illustrations that remind me of Cyndy Szekeres.

A board book that shows the unwavering love of an older sibling as a sister helps her little brother through the bedtime routine, Where's Bunny? takes listeners through that bedtime routine while also making sure that Bunny isn't forgotten.

When bedtime stories have been read, hugs and kisses given, and blankets all tucked in, Bunny and Little Brother are ready for bed.

On the last page of the book there's a bedtime checklist--a great addition to a bedtime story!



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