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Two Board Books for Valentine's Day

Although these's two board books aren't specifically about Valentine's Day I thought they would have made adorable Valentine's Day gifts. I Love You So... by Marianne Richmond, which was recently reprinted as a 20th anniversary board book edition gets kids thinking about universal questions like how much is "so?" and "Do you love me everyday?"

With new illustrations by Fiona Lee, I Love You So... is a reminder to all children (and parents) that a love for a child doesn't change like the seasons. It's constant. "I love you as steady as the moon and the sun, though some of our days are not full of fun...I love you when you're nice, and when you're cranky, too. I love you without liking the naughty things you do."

An uplifting and reassuring board book for little ones who need and want to hear over and over again just how much they're loved.

How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight? by Versha Bajaj and illustrated by Ivan Bates is another fun one. With cuddly illustrations on every page little ones will love hearing the progression of how many kisses bear, duck, cat, butterfly, horse, puppy, bird, spider, snake, and rabbit want. And while a total of ten kisses may seem like a big number to little ones you can never have enough kisses! A little girl asks for one hundred and a little boy asks for a million.

Such a sweet story and also a reprint of a classic board book that's sure to be a bedtime favorite.



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