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The Wonder that is You by Glenys Nellist & Illustrated by Aurelie Blanz

Since we all need a little something to brighten up our days, I wanted to share this lovely board book with you by Glenys Nellist, and illustrated by Aurelie Blanz. I've highlighted some of Nellist's other books on my blog before but I think this one might be my favorite. With both creamy and cool-toned illustrations, Blanz beautifully illustrates the feeling of joy that parents have when a new member of the family is born. As Nellist writes, "It seemed as though the stars smiled down and twinkled in delight. And peeked into my arms to see this precious, perfect sight."

It's such a lovely story and one that I truly savored. There are so many emotions that come with being a mom and sometimes it's hard putting those feelings into words. Nellist does a beautiful job of articulating those motherly thoughts and feelings and during this time of uncertainty her book is a beautiful reminder of just how precious our children and families are.



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