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Strong Puppy & Calm Bunny by Tessa Strickland & Illustrated by Esteli Meza

In a previous post, I featured the first two board books in the Yoga Tots series published by Barefoot Books. With the addition of two new animals for children to imitate (a puppy and a bunny) Yoga Tots encourages movement, coordination, strength, imagination, and fun! Now available in a Spanish-English version, these board books are perfect for a home or school environment where children can hear one, or both, languages.

In an article by Rosetta Stone, it states that, "Early second language learners have stronger executive function than their counterparts. This means that they’re often better at planning, focusing, and achieving goals. They’re also better multitaskers and critical thinkers, and some research suggests that bilingualism also provides a significant creativity boost. " I would also add that sharing a second language with a child can be another way to form a strong parent-child bond. (And of course if you're reading this post you already know of another powerful source of parent-child bonding...books!)

Thank you to Barefoot Books for the lovely copies!



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